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Visual point of Asia Islamic society Point of difference from the general Muslims and fundamentalists Each time a radical action, such as the Islamic countries and al-Qaeda is widely reported, the general of the Japanese, it is pointed out that remember some sort of discomfort or fear in the Muslim itself. This is because Japanese have little religious experience is the majority, it would appear to behavior that goes beyond understanding. Muslims who are my personal belongings are international students, and the reverence for the worship in between lectures, it is only those who have a calm atmosphere. And to say to them, those who take action, such as the Islamic State which was based on a special interpretation of Islam, and to the fact that it exists far away from the thinking of the majority of Muslims. First of all, the general Muslims Allah believe the teachings of the Quran to be the center of the universe. The Koran is the holy book of the Muslims send a faith deep life, in order to end up in the Pearly Gates when death came, believe that housed all the necessary knowledge.

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