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Islam is scary? Islam to live next to correctly understand and coexist ...

Visual point of Asia Islamic society In the European countries that have been hit by terrorist attacks by the [Islamic State], it excludes the Muslim, there is a growing voice to eliminate. But we are living in Japan, while there is only fragmentary knowledge of Islam and the society, Islam is or would not be trapped in the belief that scary. Why Knowing what is in this kind of situation, it must have better understanding towards coexistence. Islam and the Now in the billion people is Muslim because corresponds to a fraction of the world's population (Muslim) (Note), are expected in the near future, a fraction to reach. Including Japan, the future, you will not be able to live without being involved with the Muslims. But "Islam is scary" has circulated the image that. Really really "scared" of you do? [If I was a religion Islam is to unhappy people, it should not be spread about this. It is wrong to discuss Islam in the only current situation where terrorist attacks occur frequently. History and leading to there, it is necessary to learn their way of thinking].

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