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Visual point of Asia Islamic society If a badly Butcha digit words, the people of the Middle East Arab with the exception of the oil money is always poor. And live in danger. Confrontation of Shia and Sunni. Palestinian People's Liberation Army, oppression and the resilience of ethnic minorities. Basically, the Middle East of the Arab people My God that could live in peace, until after World War II now there is also, even for once I did not. Once you have the border line is drawn Looking at the map, and has the name of a decent country, looks as if it were some of the independent state of its own way and have also president. But many of or was a failed state. Do not imagine the East Asian and ASEAN as we live. Such as Iraq and Syria, which will be more and more occupied in the Islamic countries], there is a government in each country, he is going there to once Magarinari Datte regular army, in Why does not stopped the momentum of the [Islamic State] ? Islamic countries During the next World War, Britain and because France had signed the Saikusupiko agreement], Palestine and Iraq, Kuwait is under the governance of the United Kingdom, Syria came under French rule.

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