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Question to extremists in Iraq of the United States, which bombed ...

Visual point of Asia Islamic society US military recently, because of the [Americans safety protection and humanitarian purposes], extremists of Sunni Islam that conquered the northern Iraq to the [Islamic State], was limited to air strikes. Military intervention in Iraq by the United States is since 2.0 years, which means the conversion of a conventional foreign policy, which has been self-control military intervention. President Obama so far, has been subjected to the air strikes request from al-Maliki Prime Minister of Iraq, there is a history that has continued otherwise noted. However, those [Islamic State] is, on which the US military is close to the country's northern city of Arbil to expand, from the fact that there were numerous persecution of Christians and a large number of women, which was faced with the decision of President Obama's military intervention It is seen as. [Islamic State] is, refers to the armed groups aimed at nation-building based on Islam. Same population derived from international terrorist organization [al-Qaeda] is, expand the force by multiplying the deterioration of the Syrian situation of last year.

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