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Whether to join the [Islamic State] it is impossible to forbid the ...

Visual point of Asia Islamic society The other day, Tokyo-based Japanese and French and his wife, officials of Japan and France both the government because it was expected to join the Islamic countries there was a news that was persuaded to discourage travel. Before this also, where the Japanese men's graduate students tried to join the Islamic State in combat purposes, there was also that it has received the questioning on suspicion of my game reserve crimes from the Metropolitan Police Department. (Reference: what sin is and Hokkaido University was going to serve as a combatant [my game reserve and conspiracy]?) That the individual is to join the Islamic State, Will we be able to countries forbid. If you could, what if it is what. I would like to think about this point. The city of Syria [Creed freedom of], [religious freedom], [freedom of association] and the Islamic countries Constitution, [freedom of thought creed] as individual rights, [religious freedom], guarantees the freedom of association].

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