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Visual point of Asia Islamic society Syria of backing Char al-Assad is [itself is a victim of the extremists] but is the attitude that, on the one hand the United States John Kerry Secretary of State 0 years, IS (the so-called [Islamic State]) is created by the [Bashar al-Assad regime I was] and was to speak. Assad regime, which is said to be through deeply Islamic extremists and IS is, how did the help of IS founded in the will, Syrian and former intelligence officials personnel, political activists, which has been housed in a prison It has become gradually clear by words. Assad Henchman: Here's How We Built ISIS - The Daily Beast Bashar al-Assad regime and Jihadisuto The circumstances that led to the IS is shaped, at the time of the Iraq war broke out in 2000, Syria has been heavily involved've collected the Jihadisuto] as volunteers. According to the original officials of the intelligence officials who defected from Syria, during the Iraq war, in order to Assad regime prolong the Iraq war, for the Syrian people, things to have been encouraged to volunteer as anti-American of Jihadisuto.

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