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Halal market and the current situation where expanding

Visual point of Asia Islamic society [Halal] and the Muslims of discipline The Halal, based on the teachings of Islam [legitimate ones] [what was allowed] the means. Opposite of halal is called Haram or Nonhararu. Pork, manure, blood, Arco Lumpur, such as meat that has not been slaughtered in the Islamic. Even in the food halal, not a halal thing that was mixed with Nonhararu In addition to foods, drugs and supplements, toiletries, perfume cosmetics, logistics, packaging Machinery, hotels, restaurants, etc. also halal correspondence is required. To Yakukatsuki, fasting (Ramadan) in the year To pray times on the day Do not touch the skin of a woman (women to not show the skin and hair) ل halal (HALAL) Hallam (Nonhararu) Slaughter by Islamic Beef, chicken Vegetables fruits seafood Pork pig-derived products Slaughter by Islamic Meat that has not been Liquor, alcohol © 0 Brand Research Institute, Inc. All rights reserved. Vegetables fruits Percentage of ASEAN countries Muslim Population ASEAN's population of ASEAN member countries Million people million people ASEAN has a population of A total of about million people (2.

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