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The history of the continued sway Iraq 00 years

Visual point of Asia Islamic society Was an offshoot from Al Qaeda [in Iraq Syria Islamic countries] (ISIS) or [Irakurebanto of Islamic countries] (ISIL) and the Sunni Arabs of the armed organization called the, Baghdad was conquered a wide range of along the Tigris and Euphrates river in Iraq and south to. These developments all, something toward Syria and Iraq, and thus much more distant Asia and the major objective of building a Muslim caliph nation in Africa. Once this has been referred to as the 'cradle of civilization] region, have experienced large fluctuations over a period of ten centuries. Century to Islam split into Sunni and Shiite, it had just spread the grooves of the two factions even after it from the 00 years. Then, modern Iraq was the subject of the transaction between the Great Powers. Early Caliphate State The concept of Islamic caliph nation Sunni dominated dates back from century to century One of the empire. It is morning and Abbasid Umayyad. The caliph nation, means the religion and the Muslim nation, led to political both leaders called caliph.

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