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Special Series: how to walk in the world

Visual point of Asia Islamic society That convey the first times [World] It will be serialized column from this time. So far we have covered the countries and regions of more than 0. The number will lose to Ayako Imoto, but where experience was it, and report it to the Nari me that felt. The results of the overseas interview, so far it has been reported on TV and in print, there are many topics that spilled is not be entered. If you can read fun so the [Overseas Oddly], and I think. So, at first it was thought ...... from experience stories in a certain country, we have jumped news that Kenji Goto journalist is killed in self-proclaimed [Islamic State]. Although the first times I have become heavy theme, please bear with me please. I first met with Kenji Goto, that of 00 years. I did when who appeared in the weekly children news] of NHK was in charge. Goto this time, we report the girl that is about to go to school in Afghanistan. Afghanistan, the Islamic fundamentalist organization [the Taliban] reign era, women's education was forbidden.

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